Glenn Murray SEO Copywriter

Exclusive Interview With SEO Copywriter Glenn Murray – Practical SEO Copywriting Tips Every Small Business Owner Can Learn

Continuing the theme on SEO and writing to attract the attention of search engines, today we’ve got an interview with a man who has mastered the art of SEO copywriting. Glenn Murray is a world-class SEO copywriter from Sydney, Australia. Glenn is the owner of Divine Write Copywriting, a specialist copywriting studio and author of SEO […]

should you use PDF files for web content

Should You Use PDF Files For Your Web Content?

That is the question. Just like Shakespeare’s infamous opening soliloquy in Hamlet, the question remains, should you use PDF files for your online content? When you use a PDF file online, you are providing a paper document on the web rather than web-based information. If the document looks like a paper document, people are likely […]