How To Use A Word Cloud To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

word cloud to increase seo

What is a word cloud, you might ask?

It’s a nifty little tool that turns a bunch of text into a graphic that displays each word. The bigger the size of the word, the more frequent the word has been used.

In other words, the clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the text.

Here’s an example of a word cloud for the homepage of Marie ForleoFrom the word cloud, we can see that Marie’s site focuses on business.

Marie Forleo word cloud SEO

The page also has a focus on love. If you follow Marie then you’d agree that business and love are concepts she talks about and thus is a reason why so many people follow her.

Below is an example of a word cloud from one of Jess Ainscough’s The Wellness Warrior blog posts. From this blog post, the most frequently used words are food, dried fruit, eat and health to name a few. The post is titled “The Dry Facts On Dried Fruit,” so the most frequently used words are a good representation of what the post is about.

The Wellness Warrior SEO word cloud

What Does A Word Cloud Have To Do With SEO?

A word cloud gives you a good understanding how Google views the content on a page. I’ve written previously that you need to provide Google with the right signals so it can determine what your web page or post is about. Using enough of the right keywords on your page is one way for Google to make sense of your content.

While they’re not designed purely as a SEO tool, word clouds have become popular with SEO copywriters who use the tool to evaluate how frequently certain words appear on a web page. I found out about this technique from world-renowned SEO copywriter Glenn Murray from Divine Write Copywriting.

The good news is you don’t need to be a SEO expert to use a word cloud. You can create a word cloud to check if you’re using enough of the right words you want to rank and be known for.

There’s two word cloud generators I use –  Word It Out and Wordle. All you need to do is copy and paste any amount of text or the link to a page with a RSS feed and it will generate a word cloud. It’s free and it’s super easy.

The Word Cloud Wrap Up

Remember, always write for your reader first. There’s a good chance you’ll naturally be optimising your content for specific and related keywords anyway.

Then use a word cloud generator to assess whether you’re using enough of the right words frequently. If not, you may need to make some subtle tweaks to your content and look for ways to use your specific keywords more often.

Using a word cloud is a great way for you to take ownership of your SEO and to see what words you’re optimising for. You want to ensure that your main keywords or topics are highlighted as the biggest words in the word cloud. You want to give Google every chance to find and rank your content so you can get in front of your ideal customer.

Now go and create some word clouds. 🙂

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  1. Love this post Shae!
    I just tested Word It Out and it is reassuring to see business and blogging are my largest words.
    Cheers, Caylie

  2. What a great visual tool for SEO – and so easy to use.
    Thank you so much for shariing this.

  3. Diana

    Thank you for sharing this, Shae!
    I have learnt something new today…

  4. This sounds really interesting – but I’m still not really clear on what to do. Do I literally just paste a couple of sentences from a blog post into the box, that contains one of my key words? I just pasted a key phrase into Wordie but all it did was repeat the phrase so obviously have not done it right? I tried Wordle a few times but just kept saying it was inactive.

    • Hey Sassy Michelle. I will record a video of it hopefully over the weekend and send it to my list. I prefer Word It Out. You can either select all of the text from a blog post or web page and paste it into the original source box or copy the URL of the web page or blog post and paste that. Let me know if you have any more questions. But I will still record this video. It’s about time I started sassytv anyway 😉

  5. Did you make the video you mentioned? Can we have a link to it please?

    Thanks a bunch 🙂

    • No I haven’t yet. I will soon. I will be starting my new video blog soon called and I will record the word cloud video then. I rather start the video series properly. You will most certainly get a link to it when I announce it. 🙂

  6. Hello Shae,

    First thanks to you Shae. this is a big question in my mind about tag cloud and you solve this question. i hope you help me in future questions. Thanks dear.


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