Why You Must Learn To Write For The Web If You Have A Website Or Blog

write for the web

You’re probably leaving money on the table. I’ve seen so many websites leave money on the table because of badly written and formatted content. 

Poor choice of words, improper grammar, long, clunky paragraphs, incorrect page titles, lack of white space, obscure sentence structure, inconsistent writing style – the list goes on.

Enough’s enough and so I decided to do something about it. It’s time for a revolution. I can’t let this continue anymore and goodness knows website owners deserve better!

And herein sassywebwords.com is born and it’s my plan to convert you into a loyal subscriber. 😉

But back to my original point. There’s only one way to get found, be remembered, get shared around and attract people to your website.

That is, to know how to write engaging and compelling web content and copy your readers will love, search engines will love and ultimately convert random traffic into loyal subscribers. Period!

No it’s not Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc – sure they make it easy to share and distribute content but your content has to be good enough and written in a way that warrants sharing in the first place.

Let me tell you what this blog is not. It’s NOT going to dish out the same me-too repetitive advice on social media, advertising, online marketing and SEO.

Go to any of the top 10 ‘guru’ blogs if you want to read all that.

No, this blog is going to show and blatantly tell you what you need to know to write content and copy search engines and humans will luurrvve.

My guarantee to you is that after reading each post you (or your web writer) can go back to your computer and quickly and easily implement what you just read.  Or at least learn some really valuable information.

Hey, I know you’re busy so you don’t have time to read long articles only to get to the end and still can’t figure out what to do next. I’ve been there. Through expert interviews, podcasts, videos and articles I will bring you all the tips, tactics and strategies the PROS use  – you don’t need to go anywhere else.

So Why Do You Need To Know All This?

Glad you asked. Here’s why!

There’s a big problem in Internet land, a big problem. See many people put in a ton of effort to write a great blog article, web page, ezine article or sales letter only for no one to read it. Why? Probably because the search engines couldn’t find it in the first place. If they can’t find it then humans aren’t going to either unless of course it goes viral through social media (if you’re lucky).

If search engines and humans do find your web page or blog, chances are they’ll read it once and forget about it. Your article or web page disappears into oblivion never to be found or remembered again. Your content will never get shared and people won’t link back to your website.

Seriously this stuff breaks my heart and I can’t let this happen anymore. You have a great offer and content the world needs to know about, so for goodness sake don’t let bad writing and bad delivery cripple your chances of success.

You Need To Command Attention And Once You Have It HOLD It

What would it be worth to you for your website or blog to have the power to compel people to undertake any action you desire?

I’ll say it again. If search engines don’t find you then people won’t find you. If people don’t find you then you don’t have readers, followers, subscribers and ultimately customers. No customers means no sales and no sales means no money. No money means no vacations to Hawaii and so you get the drift.

And it all depends on how well you write for the web.

This is why you need to know this stuff!

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