What Were You Doing On The Web Just Five Minutes Ago?

what were you doing on the web

Have a think about your own experiences online.

How much of your behavior is conscious and subconscious? How much patience do you really have on the web? If you can understand some of your own online behavior then you will be in a better position to understand some of your reader’s online behavior.

So what were you doing just five minutes ago? Were you browsing around without any goal in mind or were you looking for something specific?

If you’re like most people, you would say something specific. This could mean booking a flight or ordering a gift for a friend.  Perhaps you need to download a software upgrade or research and review a product or service. You may also want to check your bank balance or read a blog (like this one :)).

The point is people have a goal in mind when they go to the Web.

People Come To Websites For The Content

People visit websites for the content they think or hope is there. Janice Redish says people come to websites because they are looking for information that:Answers a question or helps them complete a task

  • Answers a question or helps them complete a task
  • Is easy to find and easy to understand
  • Is accurate, up to date and credible

Does Your Website Provide The Information People Are Expecting To Find?

Information = content. Throughout this blog I am going to demonstrate how to use words effectively and for maximum impact in the content you publish online.

Sassy Pointers:

  • People come to the website for your valuable content
  • Most people have a specific task in mind such as to read a blog or to find specific information about a product
  • Most people are looking for information that solves a problem or answer a question

So what do you do when you are on the web? Do you browse or do you have a specific goal in mind when you go to a website? What frustrates you when you visit a website? Leave your comment below.

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