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How a former journalist with zero SEO experience increased her organic traffic by more than 100% over two years, gets 400 email subscribers EVERY month from just ONE blog post (and rank #3 for her target keyword)

Think you need a ton of SEO and content marketing experience and knowledge to get a page 1 Google ranking…

.…and build an email list of 400 subscribers every month?

Well, it's not true.

Former journalist Kellie certainly knows how to string a word or two but up until 3 years ago, she knew zilch about how to use content-driven SEO to grow an audience online.

She proved that you don't ​need to be an SEO expert to build an email list from organic traffic, get on page 1 of Google, rank #3 for her target well as multiple long tail keywords AND outrank some of her big brand competitors. 

PLUS increase her organic traffic by more than 100% over two years.​

So, how on earth did she do it?

And imagine what it would be like if you had just a few pieces of content that could achieve similar results...and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you?

Even 5?​

John Doe UI/UX Designer
- Denise Duffield-Thomas
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Shae not only knows her content and SEO stuff, but she knows business. I used one of Shae's blog post headlines in a Facebook ad that achieved an 8% click-through rate. I was also accepted as a contributor to Mind Body Green using one of Shae's keyword and blog post suggestions, which went viral and racked up over 2,300 social shares and 12 external backlinks to date. Anyone can optimize for SEO, but Shae helped optimize my business."

- Alison Vickery

How can a one-person business with no influential connections get 4800 new email subscribers per year from just ONE piece of content?

Kellie found a low competition keyword and assessed whether she could rank for that keyword using a simple step-by-step process.

​She then created an actionable and readable post that people can implement immediately...

...then optimized it to make it search engine-friendly​.

The best part? She did this without building any links.

Sounds simple right?

It is if you follow a proven step-by-step content-driven SEO system to create content, drive traffic and get found on search engines.

John Doe UI/UX Designer
- Denise Duffield-Thomas

Is it possible for you to increase your organic traffic (even if you're NOT a big brand)?

It's not only Kellie that gets results like this. 

I worked with a client to help increase her pageviews AND webinar conversions from organic traffic by more than 90%. 

Denise increase organic traffic

And despite the fact that ​I only had one blog post on my personal introvert blog and have no expert status in this competitive niche...

...I was able to get the attention of some big names like Guy Kawasaki, Darren Rowse, Beth Buelow from The Introvert Entrepreneur, introvert expert Sophia Dembling, Judith Orloff M.D., American celebrity style expert Jacqui Stafford and a New York medical professional to contribute to an expert roundup post.

​It also ranks on page 1 of Google for my target keywords: "party tips for introverts" and "how to survive a party" despite the fact that the post doesn't have many backlinks and the site has little authority.

Plus it's racked up over 930 social shares in less than 2 weeks after it was published.​

social shares

Quite an improvement considering I was lucky to even get just a few social shares before I discovered this proven step-by-step system. 

The system isn’t hard. It’s not complicated. But if you continue to publish content without choosing the RIGHT topic, doing keyword research, making it search-friendly and then promoting it, you'll miss out on opportunities to easily get more free traffic and grow your business. 

That’s why I'm here.


I do that hard work for you.​

A little about me...

My name is Shae Baxter. Every week I email out super actionable content-driven SEO strategies to help grow your audience and business online.

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John Doe UI/UX Designer

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- Nicole Heymer