• I would recommend Shae. No actually, I am TELLING you to work with Shae if you want to play bigger on Google and stand out amongst your competitors.

    Despite being in business for nearly 13 years and only having a website these past two years, I was at a total loss with SEO. I knew it was important, especially with me spending hours crafting my own blog content and honing my website copy to attract my ideal client. But I had no clue how to optimise my content and website using SEO and if I am really honest….I did not even know what SEO really meant!

    I had the happy experience of meeting Shae through a mastermind program we were both a part of and I just knew I had to tap her talents with SEO. Shae spoke so passionately about the benefits of SEO and explained the whole theory so simply, even a SEO newbie like me could totally understand the process and the application. I have purchased both the keyword report that was stuffed full of value and then bought a 1-one-1 session so I could ask questions about the report and ensure I really came to grips with it so I could get the maximum benefit. It’s early days yet with me slowing formatting my current content and website to be better discovered by Google but I am super excited by the opportunities Shae has explained to me once I nail my SEO process!

    I would recommend Shae..no actually, I am TELLING you to work with Shae if you want to play bigger on Google and stand out amongst your competitors, videos of cats and the general detritus that make up the World Wide Web. Shae packs so much value into her reports and sessions, it’s one of the best investments you will ever make for your business.

    Fiona Jefferies / Creative Director, Designer and Project Manager / Diva Works


    So many light switches!

    I actually had no idea of how hard my website can work FOR ME behind the scenes.

    Anchor text, meta tags, heading text, long tail key words… I am blown away. It’s not just a science, it’s an art. I am so impressed!

    Shae made SEO fun, engaging and THRILLING to me! When I think of SEO I think of nerdy, overweight men who spend all day at their computer but with Shae, she really did make it sassy.

    You rock Shae! Thank YOU

    Tara Bliss / Life Coach, Writer & Mentor / Such Different Skies

  • The combination of total professionalism, loving what she does, crazy talent and solid skills, makes Shae Baxter the SEO Queen.

    To be honest, before doing the course, getting SEO training was something I had on my to-do list, but I didn’t feel that excited about it. The advice and training I’d received in the past had been lacklustre and left me puzzled. After my first session with Shae Baxter, I couldn’t believe I was already feeling excited about SEO. Throughout the following three sessions I was equipped with the knowledge, resources and skills that I needed. By the end I felt like a religious convert – ready to tell anyone who’d listen how amazing SEO can be, when done right. The combination of total professionalism, loving what she does, crazy talent and solid skills, makes Shae Baxter the SEO Queen I’ll recommend in a heartbeat. The best thing? Shae truly cares about your business and tailors her teaching to your SEO needs.  Thank you Shae! You’ve helped me slay my SEO demons for good.

    Kate Erlenbusch / Promotional Poet for Entrepreneurs / Word Love By Kate

  • Shae really got my business and immediately saw all the potential I was missing.

    SEO is one of those weird things I always ignore but feel like I should do (like flossing!), so I was a bit sceptical of its real world implications in my business. But I was absolutely thrilled with my keyword report from Shae. Not only has she given me some really practical tips to improve Google rankings on my current blog, but she’s practically given me all my blog titles for the next year. She really got my business and immediately saw all the potential I was missing. Thank you Shae!

    Denise Duffield-Thomas / Money Mindset Mentor / Lucky Bitch

  • With Shae’s extensive knowledge on the subject and focused guidance I was able to move my sales page from #10 to #5 in Google.

    I had some basic SEO knowledge already and had been making an attempt to optimise my posts. Now with Shae’s extensive knowledge on the subject and focused guidance I was able to move my sales page from #10 to #5 in Google! Woo hoo! I am looking forward to a big increase in traffic and best of all Shae’s tips and tricks did not involve compromising my content and they were super quick to implement. Shae proved to me that SEO works and I am looking forward to working with her more!

    Cat LeBlanc / Business Strategist & Venture Catalyst / Cat LeBlanc

  • The amount of knowledge Shae was able to pass on to me in such a short time is amazing. Her teaching style is so clear and easy to follow.

    I came to Shae knowing NOTHING about SEO. I barely knew what those three letters stood for. The amount of knowledge Shae was able to pass on to me in such a short time is amazing. Her teaching style is so clear and easy to follow. Not only did I leave the session with a perfect understanding of what all the terminology means, but I’m also now fully equipped to be able to start to optimise my own website to have SEO impact.

    I highly recommend her services and will be turning to her when I am ready to upgrade my knowledge.

    Jasmine Matthews-Simpson / Holistic Nutrition and Yoga Coach / Simply Replenished

  • Shae has an excellent understanding of SEO.

    Shae worked closely with our company during the initial set up of our website. With no knowledge of SEO, I engaged Shae for her expert knowledge and enthusiastic approach to helping my business attract the right audience to our website, and to assist with the conversion of these viewers to Morgan Jensen Migration clients.

    As a result of Shae’s commitment to our business, we have seen a marked increase in traffic to our site.  We now come up on page one when we search on key words for our industry, which is a very exciting milestone for our company.

    In addition, Shae is helping us with strategies for our official blog, and we are learning valuable tips on effective blogging to achieve results.

    We strongly believe that Shae’s efforts have helped us to convert clients, and we will continue to work with Shae in the future to further develop our site.

    Shae has an excellent understanding of SEO.  Her ability to explain the process in plain English (without the unwanted technical terms) ensured that I understood what she was doing and how she was helping our business.

    I regularly receive updates from ShaeBaxter.com through emails, Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve learned a great deal about SEO from following Shae.

    If you’re looking for SEO support for your business, I highly recommend Shae’s services. Her dedication and passion for her business and her clients, ensures that she will always remain at the top of her game.

    Kristie Morgan / Managing Director / Morgan Immigration Australia

  • I finally had come across someone who could help me with my website and SEO in a way that could then see me go on and do it for myself.

    I’m fully willing to put up my hand and say I was one of those people who knew they should be doing something about SEO for their business but had firmly placed it in the ‘too hard basket.’  That and the ‘I don’t want to pay a company thousands of dollars to do it’ basket too!  When I found Shae’s training I was so excited.  I finally had come across someone who could help me with my website and SEO in a way that could then see me go on and do it for myself long term. The training was great. Shae is a gifted communicator, highly knowledgeable and personable, and she really took the time to understand my business and how SEO could help me.

    If you are an entrepreneur managing a website and not sure what to do about SEO, I highly recommend Shae’s training. It’s an investment I know is going to come back to me ten-fold.

    Julie Parker / Founder and CEO / Beautiful You Coaching Academy

  • Shae went deeper into my website than I could have ever imagined.

    I know next to nothing about keywords, tags and meta descriptions but her analysis made it all seem so clear. She gave specific actions to help resolve issues and took the time to fully explain what some of the problems were and why they needed to be fixed. I now feel well equipped to tackle the SEO of my site thanks to Shae’s help and thoughtful insights.

    Kimberley Smith / Founder / Inspired To Sing 

  • Shae will 100% be my expert in this area from now on. I’ve never got such good advice from anyone on this; I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

    Shae’s SEO report on my site exposed some massive flaws. The thing is, I kind of knew what I was supposed to be doing when it came to SEO, but of course I wasn’t doing it was I? Like the builder whose house is never complete…  Shae’s report of my site was so comprehensive I was blown away – not a stone left unturned.

    I know exactly what I need to do and how I need to do it – no excuses now.  And I’ll be working really closely with Shae on this going forward.

    Shae is a really relaxed but super focused person to work with, which is exactly what I needed. Someone to give it to me straight!  Shae will 100% be my expert in this area from now on. I’ve never got such good advice from anyone on this.

    I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

    Kate McCormack / Chief Marketing Chic / Kate McCormack Consulting

  • Shae is a great natural teacher.

    I really enjoyed the SEO course. We moved through it easily and each topic evolved naturally from the previous one. I finally learned how to optimise my blog posts and using Ubersuggest to find possible keywords for blog titles and H1 & H2 tags.

    I feel much more confident now about what I need to do with my Blog to make sure I get the maximum benefit from it. I really enjoyed working with Shae. I think she’s a treat and a great natural teacher.

    Janie Bartlett / Owner / My Best Friend Is A Bag

  • Shae’s SEO course gave me something better: an arsenal of “one percenters”

    For me, the SEO course consolidated the many fragments of SEO knowledge that I’ve accumulated into a methodical, do-able series of tasks. It eliminated the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and delivered the confidence I need to go ahead and talk credibly with my clients about SEO.

    I now know that there are no silver bullets for SEO. This course gave me something better: an arsenal of “one percenters” than can be deployed according to my skills, my clients’ skills, clients’ business types, budgets, CMS vagaries and more.

    I’ve got plenty to work with. I had a HUGE “aha” moment about the visitor intent and using “buying” rather than “selling” words in keyword phrases. As a copywriter, I’m so used to “selling” and hadn’t really thought much about the buyer intent when they’re at their keyboard or device punching in a search term. That’s given me a lot to think about!

    Shae is relaxed, flexible and knowledge-rich. I love Shae’s relaxed, non-intimidating approach. I never felt judged. Shae took the time to understand my patchy background in SEO, what skills I hoped for and then addressed them in a friendly, respectful, easy-to-grasp manner, always providing nuggets of extra know-how along the way and inviting questions.

    If I could pick a fourth word, it would be “generous” … Shae shared her SEO expertise with a tremendous generosity of spirit; it felt like she really wanted me to learn this stuff.

    Since doing Shae’s course I’ve been able to approach my client conversations about SEO with jaw-dropping confidence, whereas before I struggled in the FUD. That is a big shift for me, and one of the key takeaways I hoped for from this course.

    I am recommending her SEO course and other packages far and wide. What a delight to work with someone who I trusted right from the beginning. I still do.

    Sheryl Allen / Copywriter / Over The Page

  • I Ioved that Shae made SEO simple.

    Shae provided me with a wealth of simple yet effective tips and strategies to maximise my website’s SEO. She taught me the need to marry the ‘science’ and mechanics of SEO with the ‘art’ of authentic writing to really master SEO. This was a huge relief as I realised that SEO is more about being smart with the tools that are available so you can share your message with a wider audience.

    Shae over-delivered in every facet of the course. She provided exceptional levels of support by providing timely and exceptionally detailed feedback on blog posts I was drafting to optimize for SEO.

    Shae was adept at explaining abstract and complicated concepts in simple ways. She thoroughly and patiently explained concepts and provided practical examples throughout the sessions to elucidate her points.

    I Ioved that Shae made SEO simple.

    I really enjoyed the culminating week’s activities where we implemented all of the previous weeks’ content. This was highly practical and was a great way to consolidate my understanding of SEO.

    This has been one of the most practical courses I have done to date, without a doubt. Shae is one of those amazing people who has a comprehensive understanding about a complicated topic (SEO) AND can explain this others in an articulate and simple way.

    I no longer fear SEO and instead embrace it as a highly effective way to share my message. Thanks Shae.

    Dr. Kristy Goodwin / Children’s Technology Researcher + Consultant | Every Chance To Learn

  • Our page rank went from zero to 1 within a week of starting Shae’s course.

    I got so much out of the SEO course. Before the course I thought I had an understanding of basic SEO, but now I actually have context around SEO principles, which makes it a lot easier to remember and implement the new skills I have developed. 
Big light switch moments for me were mainly around how to optimise blog posts and using long-tail key words.

    I also got a lot out of Shae explaining the back end of our WordPress website, using meta tags, saving images, captions on images, and page titles etc.
I feel a lot more confident in attacking SEO on the backend of our website and writing strategic SEO rich copy. Brilliant!

    I really liked how friendly and supportive Shae is and how the sessions have structure but are informal. You can easily jump in and ask a question even if you think it’s silly.

    The best part about this course is how the sessions are one-on-one, which means we were able to get customised examples to our business.

    This made it a lot easier to understand how the SEO principles apply to us.

    Ainslie Young / Founder & Owner / Young The Label

  • Shae demystified the SEO world in a way that I could understand and implement.

    After working with Shae, SEO is not scary and it is a worthwhile skill to develop. It’s about having a conversation that recognises what my services are providing. Very clever really!

    Shae is delightful – she has lots of technical knowledge but a very doable approach. She demystified the SEO world in a way that I could understand and more importantly implement.

    Maria Davis / Director / Embodimove – Living Pain Free

  • Since working with Shae my traffic has increased consistently.

    Shae was fantastic. She explained the concepts in a simple and concise manner. She was also very easy to talk to and happy to answer any question that I had. It’s also great to have references to refer to so I haven’t felt like I need to remember everything.

    I learnt so much from Shae including:

    • How to understand the back end of my website
    • How to structure blogs to optimise for SEO
    • The importance of key words
    • How to identify keywords and phrases that will bring the most traffic to my site

    I also learnt more about how important SEO is and that it really isn’t such a scary concept and process.

    It was a fantastic experience to work with Shae.

    Dr. Nicole Carvill / Psychologist / Think Nicole Carvill

  • Shae is an SEO expert. Book her now.

    I was expecting the SEO tips about on-page optimisation, but what really surprised me about this course – and will benefit me equally – was the copywriting advice about selecting content. I’ve further clarified my overall themes and have now started to write with these in mind and create a series of posts on specific topics that can be interlinked.

    I also liked how Shae emphasised writing your content first and to keep the writing natural when considering SEO. 
I appreciated being directed to so many useful resources such as page rank and keyword tools, analytics, a site map, and relevant Firefox and WordPress plugins.

    Shae’s WordPress SEO tips and checking various elements of my site’s set up was invaluable.

    I really liked how Shae had adjusted the course according to my previous experience and focused on areas of most benefit to someone like myself who had limited SEO knowledge. Each module built upon the last and I felt it moved at a steady pace that I could follow. There was no waffle, just useful tips and advice.

    Thanks again Shae. This was definitely the ideal way to learn about SEO. It was enjoyable and helpful doing it live via Skype and having you look at my site.

    Linda Edgerton / Freelance writer, copy-editor and blogger / Lolly Pop Beach

  • Shae’s keyword report was so simple and easy too.

    It’s a no brainer for those wanting to optimise their website without the stress and overwhelm usually associated with SEO. The bonus blog headings were such a nice benefit and they have made creating blog posts a breeze.

    Jess Nazarali / Blog mentor to health & wellness entrepreneurs / Live Healthy Simply

  • Shae helped me identify the exact keywords that I could highlight in my website content so that I could elevate my site’s Alexa ranking 56%.

    Victoria Gibson / Marveo.

  • I learned SO much.

    Keywords, Google juice, the best way to link internally, how to name posts and pages, meta descriptions, using the Google Keyword Planner Tool – it was all great.

    I loved how the course was presented. Shae made SEO simple, understandable and easy to implement. Totally recommended!

    Alana Wimmer / Graphic & Ebook designer / Alana Wimmer