SEO Secrets Ebook Review – The No-Fluff, No-BS SEO Guide For DIY Small Business Owners

SEO Secrets ebook review

The other week I interviewed renowned and world-class SEO copywriter Glenn Murray of Divine Write Copywriting.

Glenn is someone I have come to admire and trust.

I stumbled upon his blog several years ago and I’ve been converted into a fan since.

During my interview with Glenn, we spoke about some of the ebooks he’s created.

Today I’m writing a review on one of them called SEO Secrets – The DIY Guide To Topping Google.

First what I love about Glenn is his simple, honest style.

His landing page for the ebook is simple. There’s no fluff, no upsell, no bonus. It’s not the typical clickbank kind of landing page that you get from every ‘guru’ Internet marketer.

It’s refreshing!

I have a bad habit of buying way too many ebooks and products and to be honest most are a waste of time.

So what makes Glenn Murray’s SEO Secrets any better?

SEO Secrets is a 194 page guide to search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO can be over-whelming for many people but this book starts at the basics, and works its way up to some intermediate-advanced concepts.

It covers nearly everything small business owners would usually need to know about SEO. In fact, this ebook has taught me most of my SEO knowledge.

Who Is SEO Secrets For?

This book is for people who either want to get in and do their own SEO or want to make sure they know what they’re outsourcing. So it’s perfect for:

  • Small or home office business owners
  • Small to medium business owners
  • Bloggers

SEO Secrets ebook review

As Glenn explained in his interview with me, SEO Secrets was originally just his notebook when he was learning about SEO.

As an ex-technical writer, he couldn’t help but turn it into an actual ‘manual’ sooner or later.

And luckily for us he did.

Glenn had to learn SEO the hard way whereas we now have a comprehensive resource to guide us through the complex SEO maze.

What does SEO Secrets contain?

SEO Secrets includes information on the following:

  • Understand what SEO really means
  • How to choose your keywords
  • How to develop your website the right way
  • How to optimize your web content (where to put your keywords on your website or blog)
  • How to optimize your WordPress blog
  • What link baiting is
  • Other link building methods
  • How to monitor your progress
  • The future of SEO

What’s Good About SEO Secrets?

What’s not good about it? Here’s why I found it so valuable:

  • It’s easy-to-read, plain English — Glenn is very good at translating complex technical material into easy-to-read, helpful, plain English and as small business owners we can’t afford to waste time to trying to figure out what things mean
  • It’s succinct and gets to the point – there’s no waffle. The good thing is you read it, learn it and then do it
  • It’s full of practical examples — Glenn simply shows us what to do. It’s not just bunch a theoretical crap. The theory is backed with examples
  • No fluff — There’s none of that filler content, which so many ebooks contain. It’s very focused on SEO the whole way through

Glenn’s writing style is beautiful. Of course you expect nothing less from a copywriter but as you read the book, the content is structured logically with an easy flow.

The tips and advice are explained clearly and he alerts you when you can gloss over certain topics.

The Not So Good…

I have two negative reviews for the ebook.

While Glenn does touch on keyword research, I would have liked him to incorporate more information and detail about how he finds and validates his keywords.

It would be great to see a step-by-step guide or flowchart of the process Glenn uses to conduct keyword research.

The second negative is that some topics are a little complex, which may be confusing for newbies.

However, Glenn does provide you with a detailed glossary and bibliography so you can do some extra reading to fully understand the ideas presented.

There Are No Real Secrets In This Book…

Glenn’s not actually telling you anything new.

The information contained in this ebook is free for all on the Internet if you put in the time and effort yourself to do the research.

But why would you when Glenn has done the hard work for you?

He’s saved me hours of my time and money  – I use this as my SEO resource manual and I implemented many of the concepts when I developed this website.

It’s like my personal recipe book and when I find a resource like that, I know I’ve found a keeper.

Read A Chapter For Free

Download a chapter of SEO Secrets for free to see if this is something you would get value from.

In Glenn’s own words, he’s proud to say his ebooks can hold their own against anything in the market — in print or ebook format.

Click SEO Secrets to buy the ebook now and download instantly.

No go forth and conquer… hence Optimize!

I’d love to hear what you think of SEO Secrets after you’ve read it or if you’ve already read the book.

It’s good to share our opinions and learn from each other.

Please post a comment below.

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