Why You Should NOT Hire Me To Do Your SEO

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I have a confession to make. You should not hire me to do your SEO.

There are plenty of other people that know a lot more than me.

They know a lot more about link building.

They know a lot more about the technical stuff.

They know a lot more about ecommerce.

They know a lot more about local business SEO.

They know a lot more about rich snippets and schemas (WTF)?)

So why on earth would I say that?

My zone of genius lies in keyword research, blogging, and knowing how to craft blog posts and using WordPress for maximum SEO impact. I know how to get you to tap into your ideal client to figure exactly what they’re searching for online. These are the areas where I can really help you thrive and turn things around in your business.

Because that my friends is what SEO is really all about – figuring out what’s going on inside the mind of your potential clients. Forget the short-term SEO gimmicks and fads, and the thousand dollar plus monthly packages, this is what real SEO is all about (and what most others don’t bother to teach you).

I am NOT the Walmart of SEO where I do everything. I’m a specialist in keyword research, blogging and WordPress. SEO is also a bit like photography – you specialise in certain genres. Whether you’re a portrait, natural light, fashion, black & white or child photographer, there’s usually no one photographer that does everything. They specialise and become an expert in one or two particular areas. That’s me in SEO. My niche is for blogging SEO on the WordPress platform.

So I’m not for you if you don’t really want big change in that area. If you’re comfortable with where you’re at and you rather not have your business skyrocket, then please don’t hire me.

Yes backlinks are important. A link from another website is a vote of confidence about your website.

Yes having a site map is important too. It gives Google a heads up about the content on your site.

And yes social media is becoming more important too. Although it’s still not 100% clear how much impact social media is actually having on search engine rankings (depends which “guru” you listen to).

What is certain is that if you create quality, original on a consistent basis you will be rewarded with more organic traffic and high rankings from Google.

And how do you create quality content on a regular basis?

Through the power of blogging and content marketing.

My SEO model

My SEO model is based on blogging. That’s why I called my SEO coaching program Get Your Blog Read By Millions.

My SEO model is based on creating original, pillar content from specific words and phrases that real people are actually searching for. It’s not about creating another ho hum blog post that’s been written 150,000 times before.

My SEO model is based on fundamentals that can survive any Google update and have and will continue to stand the test of time. Not going out rigging up all your inbound links with the same anchor text or the latest flashy plugin that will create you a 1000 spammy backlinks in 24 hours.

My SEO model is based on the things you have direct control, which is your content and the things you do on your website. You can’t force or control what other people do. It’s hard to get backlinks – you have to earn them and convince other people your content is worth sharing. So work on the things you do have ultimate control of – your content and let the backlinks happen naturally.

So who is responsible for creating this epic, quality content on a consistent basis?

Of course, it’s YOU!

If you’re not prepared to do that, then please don’t hire me. I only want to work with people that are committed to growing their business.

Why blogging should be an essential part of your marketing efforts

Blogging is such a powerful strategy to help grow and support your business. It allows you to showcase your authority and expertise on a particular topic and directly tap into what people are searching for. It also allows you to answer people’s questions and solve their problems.

blogging is good for seo
Blogging is good for SEO

The other hidden benefit is that people don’t know what they don’t know. Online marketing should not be about convincing people to buy your stuff, it’s about informing people. It’s about educating people. That’s why content is the currency of the web.

Your ideal client could have a problem they don’t even know they have. You can’t convince someone to buy something if they don’t even know it exists. So how can you make people aware they have a problem they don’t know they have? The answer is blogging. Or tell them in a video or podcast. You need to let them know. Awareness is the first step to change.

For example, my sister has celiac disease. Before she was diagnosed, her symptoms included diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting and fatigue. She did not suspect for one moment that she had celiac disease. The thought never entered her mind and she had never heard of the disease before. Now fatigue is linked to many other illnesses and conditions. How can a health or nutrition coach get people to link the two together? They could create a blog post called “How Fatigue is Caused By Gluten” or “7 signs you may have celiac disease (and what to do about it).” Create content that educates people. People don’t know what they don’t know.

Blogging and SEO are a match made in online heaven and add WordPress to the mix, you have a killer cocktail.

Google doesn’t rank websites, it ranks pages. It’s not entire websites that get served up in the search results, it’s individual pages.

That means each page of content you create is another ticket in the search engine lottery. And even better if you create pages that are purposefully optimized for what it is you’re trying to rank for.

That, of course, is not to say that you create pages and pages of content just because you’re trying to get cheap rankings. I’ve written previously that your content has to serve a purpose. Every piece of content you publish must provide value to your reader.

Blogging provides you with an enormous opportunity to create this content on a regular basis. Depending on your blogging schedule, you can create a new page of content on a daily basis, once or twice a week. Add this up over a year, you could have 365 pages of new content or 52 pages added to your website if you blog weekly.

The point is if you’re not blogging you’re missing out on attracting new visitors to your website on a regular basis. You’re missing out on attracting people that are searching for information using a set of unique and random search phrases. You won’t get more traffic to your site on a regular basis if you’re not blogging and your domain authority will remain stagnant. Period.

But I don’t want to have to convince you that you should be blogging

If you decide to work with me, you’re already know that you need to blog and why. In fact, you’ve probably been blogging for at least a year but you’ve had your head in the sand or you’re in SEO overwhelm. Any traffic you’re getting to your site has been by accident. You know when you work with me, you need to blog.

I don’t want to have to convince you to market your business. I don’t want to hear the excuses that you don’t have enough time and that you’ve run out of ideas. I call BS on all of that. And you have to be prepared to write at least 1000 word articles – none of this short 200 word stuff, especially if you want your stuff to go viral. Your content has to be epic, it has to have substance.

Because in 2014 and beyond SEO is about marketing your business. As Jeff Sauer from Jeffalytics.com has perfectly stated, “Today’s Google search rewards authorities, entities and experts. Which one of us fits that description for your industry? The consultant or the person who knows your business the best?”

You are the key to your own SEO success, because you are already the expert.

And there’s a few other things Jeff said that I really wished I said first. That is:

I can’t do SEO for you, without you.

I can’t do SEO for you because it involves you.

I can’t get you to commit to marketing your business, and that is why I can’t do SEO for you.

So why should you hire me?

I take the guesswork out of finding keywords your ideal client is typing into Google. Validation, not guesswork is what attracts the right people to your website.

I help you research and find topics to blog about. You will never go short on ideas for content ever again.

I help you craft the best search engine ad you possibly can. Don’t know what I mean? Then read this. You want clicks baby, not just rankings. Getting people to click your search listing and read your stuff is what helps to reduce your bounce rate (and hence help you rank higher).

I help you find ways to remain authentic, original and creative so SEO doesn’t get in the way of creating epic content.

I help you learn and implement SEO that you can do yourself in the long-term so you won’t ever have the need to outsource or hire it out.

One of my greatest gifts is explaining SEO lingo in simple, easy to understand language. Sure you can do an online course or purchase an ebook, but I guarantee you will still have more questions than answers. Think of me as your on-call personal SEO coach – you can email me at anytime with your questions and get direct feedback about the SEO-ability of your posts. You get personalised SEO coaching and support that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

I specifically help creative, virtual entrepreneurs that blog to support their business to grow their business using the power of Search Engine Optimization.

That’s why you should hire me!

You need to commit first

If you can’t commit to creating content in the first place, then don’t ever expect to rank in search engines. You can’t optimize a website with nothing. And please don’t hire me.

If you are committed, and I don’t need to convince you that blogging is the best way to grow your organic traffic, then let’s get started.


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  1. Hello Shae. I really, really love this! I am just now learning how to work trough the SEO madness and have found your no-nonsense approach and advice very easy to process and apply into my own work. I believe that the part that stood out to me the most from what you said was your emphasis on finding the right ideal customer avatar. I have found that to be very true so far.

  2. Hallelujah. Great article. I know a little about SEO (not a lot) but I do know a lot about content and it is great to hear an SEO expert GET it (many don’t!). Mr Google also loves valuable content. I loved this – simple but says it all: “Every piece of content you publish must provide value to your reader.” I think people get so tied up in SEO that they forget that they are trying to reach readers and build community. As you say, they have to be prepared to write great content and then learn a few SEO skills around that. Besides, if your content is crap, you won’t be able to help visitors Google does send get lost on your website (lost in great content that is). Thanks Shae!
    Donna recently posted…Stop Killing Us With Boring Infographics – Do This InsteadMy Profile

  3. This is great advice Shae. I’ve had a website for a few years now and I’m learning the value of blogging. Pages on a website can become stagnant and so can organic traffic. So I’ve made a commitment to blog at least once a week and it’s made a huge difference in my traffic. But I will definitely keep your offer in mind because I know the benefit of organic traffic and I’m very interested in getting my message out.

  4. Great post Shae, I think it’s as important to know what you don’t do, as it is to know what you do do, or something!

    Although I offer SEO advice, workshops and audits. an dlike you I’m a huge believer in DIY SEO and helping people learn how to do it themselves. I too don’t do PROPER ongoing SEO and unlike you I don’t even do keyword research.

    We can’t all do everything so it’s could to carve out a niche and do that bit really really well.

  5. I found this blog while doing a search and I was immediately attracted to the look and layout but it is the content that got me hooked. I subscribed to receive your newsletters and updates and am really very happy I did.
    I recently ventured into the online world and I am in the process of starting my own blog so this find was not only timely but I gives me a great model I can follow. I will be sitting in the front row in this class (lol) and look forward to having people respond to my blog the same way I did to yours. Thank you Shae!
    Elizabeth Garcia recently posted…Natural Health Secrets Show How to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Gain EnergyMy Profile


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