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I love to support amazing women entrepreneurs from around the world to help & support them to grow their online business.

I’ve spoken on stage about SEO at The South Eastern Management Accountants CPA Group and Bloom Networking and participated as a SEO panelist at the Victorian Small Business Festival.

I’ve been a proud guest and contributor of a number of online programs including Unemployable Woman, Rachel MacDonald’s Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course, Julie Parker’s The Beautiful You telesummit, Reverie Coaching’s ecourse launch formula and Live Healthy Simply by Jess Nazarali.

You can find me guest blogging all things Google & SEO at Grassroots Internet Strategy and Simply Social Media.

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When you’re running a business or a blog, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the greatest products & insights the world has even seen.

If customers and readers can’t find you through Google… then you don’t exist. (And that… is pretty depressing.)

Fortunately, there are Search Engine Optimization Superheroes like Shae Baxter, ready to swing to the rescue.

As the creator of Get Your Blog Read By Millions, Shae teaches entrepreneurs and bloggers how to use the power of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – to make it easier for clients, customers and fans to discover your work.

In the words of one grateful client, “I came to Shae because I felt invisible, online. She taught me how to revamp my website to start attracting more traffic, immediately. We have seen a marked increase in traffic to our site and we now come up on page one for competitive keywords in our industry. More importantly, my self-esteem & confidence are back on track.”

Shae’s tips on marketing and customer-attraction have been featured in publications like Grassroots Internet Strategy, Simply Social Media and the Unemployable Woman. She’s also an official supplier for Elto, a leading online directory of web & social media experts, where she shares her insights with thousands of directory users, weekly.

If you’re ready to get seen by the people that you want to serve — and make Google your Best Friend Forever – Shae is the lifesaver you’ve been praying for.

Stay in the know about her coaching and keyword packages & one-on-one coaching courses at www.ShaeBaxter.com.

Connect with Shae at shaebaxter.com, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram.


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  • Engaging, Inspiring, Super-informative.

    Shae you made SEO fun, engaging and THRILLING to me! When I think of SEO I think of nerdy, overweight men who spend all day at their computer but with you, you really did make it sassy.

    Tara Bliss / Life Coach, Writer & Mentor / Such Different Skies

  • The combination of total professionalism, loving what she does, crazy talent and solid skills, makes Shae Baxter the SEO Queen.

    To be honest, before doing the course, getting SEO training was something I had on my to-do list, but I didn’t feel that excited about it. The advice and training I’d received in the past had been lacklustre and left me puzzled. After my first session with Shae Baxter, I couldn’t believe I was already feeling excited about SEO. Throughout the following three sessions I was equipped with the knowledge, resources and skills that I needed. By the end I felt like a religious convert – ready to tell anyone who’d listen how amazing SEO can be, when done right. The combination of total professionalism, loving what she does, crazy talent and solid skills, makes Shae Baxter the SEO Queen I’ll recommend in a heartbeat. The best thing? Shae truly cares about your business and tailors her teaching to your SEO needs. Thank you Shae! You’ve helped me slay my SEO demons for good.

    Kate Erlenbusch / Promotional Poet for Entrepreneurs / Word Love By Kate

  • Shae really got my business and immediately saw all the potential I was missing.

    SEO is one of those weird things I always ignore but feel like I should do (like flossing!), so I was a bit sceptical of its real world implications in my business. But I was absolutely thrilled with my keyword report from Shae. Not only has she given me some really practical tips to improve Google rankings on my current blog, but she's practically given me all my blog titles for the next year. She really got my business and immediately saw all the potential I was missing. Thank you Shae!

    Denise Duffield-Thomas / Money Mindset Mentor / Lucky Bitch