Ignore This At Your Peril – Why Correct Grammar Is Critical On Your Website

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Listen up sassy one. If you think that quality writing, correct grammar and spelling don’t matter online, you’re WRONG!

There is a school of thought out there in Internet land that grammar, spelling and punctuation are not important for Writing Web Content.

One of the reasons I started my business was to bring you solid information on how to write effectively for a Web Audience. Part of that approach is to highlight and share with you easy grammar tips you can implement in your web content.

Why? Because You Told Me So

Many people told me they wanted to learn basic writing fundamentals and grammar or refresh their memory from what they were taught in school.  So in order to teach people how to Write for the Web, I decided my cornerstone content is to teach and incorporate valuable content on good ol’ traditional English writing and grammar.

Every website has different objectives and I’m not suggesting that if your content has mediocre grammar, it will always undermine your ability to persuade or discourage your reader to take the action you want them to.  For example, great copywriting is the art of persuading your reader to take a certain action. A website can have great copy with average grammar. The copy can still achieve its objective of influencing your reader to take the action you desire and if so, the copywriter has earnt their stripes.

Well-written, grammatically correct content alone will not influence your reader to take a particular action – no matter how well-written the content is. There are plenty of fantastic writers out there who couldn’t write in a persuasive fashion if they tried.

Copywriters are very good storytellers. But that doesn’t always mean they are skilled technical writers.

Fear Not – You Don’t Need To Be A Grammar Nazi To Write Great Web Content

But you do need to care. My point is whether you’re trying to persuade, educate, inform or simply share your opinions online, you should still do your best do write well. By that I mean you should make the effort to write your content that has the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Yes the Internet is generally a more relaxed environment however if your website or blog is full of grammar errors, then you’re credibility diminishes along with potential readers or customers.

I believe it’s disrespectful to your reader.

Oh and bad grammar can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.  But that is a topic I will explain another day.

I pinched this paragraph from Melissa Donovan of Writing Forward, who summarizes this perfectly:

There are very few writers who have truly immaculate grammar. People with good grammar skills and flawless spelling are called editors. Still, anyone who calls herself a writer should have a firm grasp on spelling and grammar, and should understand that poor spelling and grammar can alter the meaning of an entire concept. Don’t believe me? Read Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Hell, just read the back flap.

I’ll go one step further to say that anyone who calls themselves a Web Writer or is responsible for writing Web Content should have a firm grasp on spelling and grammar.

If you flunked English in high school don’t worry. I’ll be providing a lot of information on grammar and punctuation and I promise you it won’t be boring and professor-like. In fact, every day there will be a Word of the Day or Grammar Tip on the homepage so be sure to come back regularly and check it out.

Who said writing and grammar has to be boring and dull? Not on this blog it won’t be.

Sassy Tip:

  • Always ensure you check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. There’s no excuse for sloppy writing no matter what the medium is.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you believe it’s important to ensure correct grammar for a web audience? Leave your comment below.

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  1. Miss Sassy Shae,

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Bad grammar and spelling hits me between the eyes and I get stuck on it. It leaves me wondering if they don’t care enough about grammar and spelling, “how much do they care to get a job or product delivered to me on time?”

    Sure, many will argue there is no connection between the two; but I disagree. It is all a part of ‘attention to detail’ in fulfilling a contract or delivering on time and etc. Maybe I am a ‘details’ person; but it is detail that goes to make the ‘big picture’ in my opinion.

    I look forward to your articles.


    • Hi Murray. I’m glad you agree because it also hits me between the eyes too. If no-one can be bothered to even run a spell check then it leaves little to be desired.
      Plenty more good stuff to come Murray so keep an eye on that inbox.


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