How To Get People To Read Your First Few Sentences

how to get people to read first few sentences

We all want to have the perfect width.

Whether it’s for our waistline, hips or stomach, there’s also a perfect width size for your blog’s content.

In my last post I shared with you that master copywriter Joe Sugarman makes his first sentence a short one. This is a technique you can easily apply when writing your online content.

The problem is, getting people to read those first few sentences can be difficult.

You only have seconds to grab your reader’s attention before you lose them.

So how do you get people to read the first few lines of your sentences?

Luckily there is a a simple technique you can implement immediately to draw your readers in and it’s not rocket science.

Minimize your content width.

I learnt this great technique through Derek Halpern. Derek has a passion for teaching people how to use human psychology to get web traffic. His secret is to make the beginning part of your article a shorter line length than the rest of your article.

Remember, if you want people to read your content, you only need to get them to read the first few sentences.

So how do you limit the line length towards the beginning of your article? This is an example from Derek’s blog called Social Triggers. Use an half-width image below your headline like this:

 The image to the right makes the line length shorter

The Perfect Content Width

Back to the perfect width content. Now that Derek has revealed his trick, he recommends a perfect content width between 480 and 600 pixels for your blog or sales page.

As Derek explains, “it’s practical for most blog and sales page designs and says 100 characters per line is the ideal line length for reading speed, which generally falls between that range.”

What do you think of this technique? I’ve used this strategy from the beginning since I wrote my first blog post – will you start using this too?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information Shae! Love Derek’s work too.
    I’ve never consciously aimed for short introductory sentences but I think it often comes naturally from the desire to make an impact and capture attention.


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