How To Do Keyword Research Using The Google Keyword Planner Tool [VIDEO]

How to do keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner Tool

Well I’ve done it. I’ve recorded my first video. I’ve been wanting to start video for ages and today I just did it.

I thought what better topic to record a video about than on how to do keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Keyword research is the process of finding the words and phrases your ideal clients are typing into Google. In this video I walk you through the exact process I use to find keywords for my own site and for my clients.

I do also use a couple of paid keyword tools as well but when you’re starting out you can do this for free. I also walk you through how to assess the competitiveness of a keyword too using a simple trick.

Some of you may have used the old Google keyword tool in the past and I know many people have found this new tool confusing. Really it’s not. Watch the video to find out how to use it.

Here it is.

Resources & tricks mentioned in the video

Google Keyword Planner Tool 

Allintitle command search: allintitle:[your keyword]

Think you can do keyword research on your own?

If you have any questions on the keyword planner tool or if there’s something you’re not sure about, let me know in the comments below.

In this video I talked about understanding searcher intent. If you’re not sure what this is, read this post: Understanding Searcher Intent: The Forgotten Ingredient In Keyword Research.

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  1. WOW — I can’t wait to dig into this recording, bookmarking for when I can take notes. You always break things down SO WELL! Thanks for this + congrats on your first video! xo, H


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