SEO Strategy Case Study:

Learn how I'm getting my blog post to climb the rankings (naturally) for a super competitive keyword.

As you’re about to see, I created and promoted a piece of content that generated:

  • 658 social shares
  • 12 white hat backlinks
  • A mention in a highly-popular newsletter
  • Over 10% boost in homepage views via organic traffic in one week
  • Over 1200 targeted referral visitors 

In May 2015, I published an epic evergreen resource called:

Shae Baxter

65+ Sites To Find Free Public Domain Images

It's epic because there's nothing like it on the interwebs on this topic. 

In other words, I created a one-stop shop to access over 65 places to find free public domain images. 

Where else can you find such a comprehensive go-to resource of public domain image sites on the web?

Nowhere (except on my site).

Here's the results:

Since it was published over 12 months ago, the post is currently ranking on page 2 at #17 on for my target keyword: "public domain images."

search results for public domain images post

This keyword has a monthly search volume of over 27,000. 

I knew at the outset that this would be a tough keyword to rank for because the competition is so strong.

So my expectations of getting a page 1 ranking were low, especially considering my own site's domain authority at the time I published the post (which was in the low 20s).

In fact, I knew it could take me at least a year or more to crack the top 10 search results on Google.

So considering that it's now ranking on page 2 on Google after 12 months is pretty good.

For a long time, the post didn't even crack the top 100 on Google.

Then it hung around between pages 3 to 10 on Google for ages.

low ranking

Until it finally cracked the top 20 search results.

But it's not just the main target keyword that sends this post traffic.

This post also gets traffic from many other long tail keywords too:​

long tail keywords

The post has also been shared 658 times.

buzzsumo social shares for public domain images post