How to Rank #1 on Google with Expert Roundups:
Shut Up And Speak

Learn how this strategy led to 963 social shares, a page 1 ranking on Google for two target keywords, 5,568 Pageviews and over 80% boost to the blog’s organic search engine traffic 

I created and promoted my first ever expert roundup that went viral and ranked for their target keywords.

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The results:

  • Attracted over 960 social shares
  • Generated 2,875 Pageviews on the first day and 5,568 Pageviews in the first week
  • Generated a bunch of inbound links
  • Boosted my brand new blog’s organic search engine traffic by over 80% 
  • Got a first page ranking on Google for two of my target keywords

The post was published in December 2015 and was centred on gathering expert tips and insights from a group of experts to help introverts cope at parties and social gatherings, especially during the holiday and Christmas season. 

In my first ever expert roundup, I asked 42 experts, writers coaches and prolific bloggers to name their 3 best best party tips for introverts.  

The reason I asked for just 3 tips is because I wanted to encourage the experts to think deeply what they would recommend so they’d ultimately reveal the most essential tips.

Despite the fact was totally unknown and I only had about 500 Twitter followers at the time, a staggering 42 experts took part and revealed their most essential tips and insights that has become a party survival guide for introverts.

I sought out people that were either high-profile self-proclaimed introverts or experts that coach and work with introverts everyday.​...from dating and business coaches to writers and authors....

...People such as Guy Kawasaki, Darren Rowse, Judith Orloff M.D., Beth Buelow from The Introvert Entrepreneur, Sophia Dembling, Tyler Tervooren, Aaron Lee, Andy Mort, a New York medical specialist and a celebrity stylist. 

While there was already plenty of content and articles online about this topic, most of the existing content were short tips and theory-based. 

I set out to create a piece of content where people could get real, practical advice and examples they could implement immediately into their lives. 

It was the first expert roundup of its kind and this is what made it so unique, share-worthy and ultimately go viral. 

The roundup’s success has been featured on and I have since repeated its success with other roundups.

My roundups don’t rank out of luck.

It's down to a proven blueprint I have since mimicked in other niches to create roundups that consistently go viral and rank for their target keywords.

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Here's what happened:

A page 1 #2 ranking for the search terms: "party tips for introverts" and "how to survive a party."

These were my target keywords. Go ahead and Google those terms right now.

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It also ranks on page 1 for many other long tail search phrases​ including:

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The post attracted 963 social shares:

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It went live on December 19th and generated 2,875 Pageviews on it's first day and 5,568 Pageviews in its first week and literally transformed this blog overnight…

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Despite the fact that my site is relatively new with only one other blog post, my post ranks above big brand sites like Today, Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Chicago Tribune.

Because I rank on the first page of Google for my target keywords — and dozens of long tail keywords — organic traffic to that page continues to roll in day after day.

When you combine the surge of viral traffic in December with the slow drip of organic traffic, you have a page that’s brought in 8,412 total pageviews.

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This post also boosted my organic search engine traffic by 80.61% in just 6 weeks. 

organic search engine traffic

I use content promotion strategies that make link building easy, scalable and effective.

And the “secret” to effective link building is a) having content that's worthy of a link and b) finding places on the web where a link to my content makes that page better.

I used Roundup Link Building as a strategy to attract high quality, white hat backlinks to my post.

That means I found blogs that roundup the best content over the last day, week, month or year… and put my content in front of them.

Here's a few backlinks I got as a result of pitching my post to relevant link roundups:

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link roundup

And because I used MyBlogU to help source relevant experts to contribute to my post, they were more than happy to link to it in their roundup:

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You can read this post right here.