Expert Roundup Case Study:
Empowered Women Revolution

Expert Roundup Case Study

See how this strategy led to 31% more organic traffic (in just two weeks) and 150 new email subscribers 

I recently worked with Casey Lightbody from Empowered Women Revolution to create an expert roundup in the introvert and marketing niche.

Casey Lightbody

Our goals for the campaign:

  • create an epic piece of content that beats anything else out there on the same topic
  • generate brand awareness
  • drive social engagement

(Did I mention it's over 8000 words epic?)

Not only that, while much of the content that already exists on the topic are theory-based posts, we collected bite-sized opinions and tips from industry experts and leaders such as Chris Brogan, Derek Sivers, Dorie Clark, Tara Gentile, Joanna Penn, Chris Guillebeau, Selena Soo, Nathalie Lussier and Darren Rowse just to name a few. 

In other words, this post is the ONLY one of its kind on this topic.

Here's the results:

A page 1 ranking on Google for: "self promotion tips for introverts."

Even ranking above heavyweights such as Lifehack, Inc. and Career Rocketeer. 

search results for expert roundup

And a current page 3 ranking for: "self promotion for introverts."

page 3 ranking

778 social shares to date (four times more social shares than her previous post):

buzzsumo shares expert roundup