5 Examples Of Power Pages That Have Gone Viral (And Boosted SEO Rankings)

examples of power pages

Today you're going to see 5 super successful Power Pages in action.

​And as you're about to find out these Power Pages have generated impressive results including:

  •  white hat backlinks from high DA sites
  • hundreds or thousands of social shares
  • boost in organic traffic to help rank for "money keywords"
  • plus much more 

These Power Pages exist across a variety of different niches  - some would even say from very boring industries - and have performed extremely well despite not being well-known brands or businesses.

I'm going to walk you through WHY these Power Pages have been so successful so you can replicate their success.

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New businesses are starting everyday. 

And with more and more businesses flooding the Internet with new posts and articles, the online world is becoming an incredibly noisy place. 

More than 3 billion of us across the globe are now connected to the web and the amount of content we consume over the web has increased 105 percent in the last 5 years. 

With the ever-increasing amount of competition for our attention, it's not enough anymore to just publish a mediocre blog post and hope for the best.

If you want to stand out and have your voice be heard, you need to do something epic. 

But even creating something epic is fast becoming the price of entry in today's digital world. 

Not only does your content need to be epic, as Brian Dean from Backlinko explains, you also need to publish the RIGHT content.

In other words, you need to publish content that people actually care about.

​In this article, Brian explains that when he launched his first site in the nutrition space, it failed miserably.

And this was despite the fact that he had published some of the best nutrition content online at the time....taking scientific research and translating it into bite-sized nutrition tips.

The problem was that no one cared. ​

Even though he was updating his blog every week and was producing "great" content, he was still struggling to get decent traffic to his site.

Brian soon discovered that there was a BIG difference between publishing "great content" and the RIGHT content.

What Is The RIGHT Content?​

​The biggest mistake people make is not creating content for the influential people in their space.

As Brian explains, "unless you describe your target customers as “influential bloggers and journalists”, your target audience isn’t going to share your content.

And if they don’t share your content, you’re not going to increase traffic to your website.

That's because your target customers don’t run websites in your niche."

​In his post, Brian says that the content on his old nutrition site was aimed at people looking to lose weight.

His target audience loved it but the influencers in his niche — like health and fitness bloggers — thought his content was way too basic and “rapid fire”.

The influential people in the health and fitness space love to share in-depth articles, which is one of the reasons Steve Kamb at NerdFitness succeeded where Brian failed.

Steve was producing in-depth, 3,000-word blog posts and was able to attract links and shares from influential health and fitness bloggers with ease. 

The bottom line is that publishing content that appeals to your target customer isn’t enough. You need content that your influencers want to share with their audience.​

You need content that your influencers want to share so your customer-focussed content gets seen. @shaecbaxter

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Which is why you should be publishing Power Pages.​

What Is A Power Page?

A Power Page is a type of content strategically designed to attract links, social shares and search traffic to fuel your SEO campaign.

It also has a high likelihood of going viral. In other words, it’s designed to be a link magnet to hopefully achieve first page Google rankings. 

I first discovered Power Pages in Brian Dean's excellent SEO That Works course, probably the best SEO training I've undertaken yet. 

In this course, I learned about the amazing power and results of a SEO Power Page.

The difference between a Power Page and a typical blog post is that a Power Page is written for the influencers in your niche - not your target audience.

To do that, you need to identify the influential people in your industry and then work out what topics they care about.

Brian says, "once you understand which topics push their buttons, you can create content that appeals to them."

Let me illustrate with an example.

As I mentioned earlier, a typical blog post will target the author's target audience.

A florist ​will typically write something that appeals to their potential clients such as "10 ways to save money on your wedding flowers."

While you do need to have some content on your site for your target audience, without Power Pages, your customer-focussed content, such as your product and service pages, will remain invisible.

So a florist would be better to create content that appeals to the influencers in his/her niche such as floral designers, wedding advice blogs or personal advice sites that focus on low cost wedding tips.

(Check out this post for a list of influential florists, which interestingly enough, is a Power Page in itself. You'll soon find out why.)​

The key takeaway here is that:

A Power Page doesn't have to be directly about what you sell.​

​A lot of bloggers create content on topics that they think would work well without having any evidence behind that assumption. 

Or ​they simply recycle generic content and ultimately dilute any authority that they may have built.

On the other hand, Power Pages cover topics that influencers already share or link to, which means they're already proven to work.

And when brands and businesses invest in creating Power Pages, they help to build authority, which is critically important if they hope to stand out amongst their competitors.​

I’ve put together 5 examples of Power Pages across different niches so you can start to piece together what makes a Power Page so successful. 

Let's get to it.​

1. ​The Internet in Real-Time: Penny Stocks

​Niche: Online community for small cap investors that teaches people how to trade penny stocks.

Content framework: Infographic. 

Backlinks earned to date: 1,812 referring domains generating 109,104 backlinks.

Amount of total social shares​ to date: 123.5K.

The Internet In Real Time Power Page

This is an exceptional example of a Power Page that purposefully didn’t target its industry niche, which is one of the reasons why it's performed extremely well.

Infographics make fantastic Power Pages because they work well on topics that people have a strong opinion on or about issues that people argue for or against on. 

In fact, one of the key success factors of an infographic - even more important than design - is the angle or the story that you tell.​

As described in this great case study here written by Azzam Sheikh, the success of this infographic comes down to three things:

a) Visuals

b) Technology used to capture the data (it all changes in real-time)

c) Fascinating content

It achieved exceptional results, which has assisted the main website towards ranking in Google for the keyword ‘Penny Stocks’.

​This is no mean feat.

The term 'penny stocks' is a key phrase that is searched on over 135,000 times every month.

keyword search volume demand

This infographic competes against some giants like CNN.com, Business Insider, Market Watch, Nerd Wallet, SEC.gov and Wikipedia.com to name but a few.

It would not have been possible to outrank the likes of these giants and achieve a page 1 ranking on Google if it weren't for this Power Page.


When you compare the link data results ​to their main URL, pennystocks.la, the difference is 521 domains.

This showcases that the bulk of the backlinks to the site are achieved by the Power Page.

How's that for the power of content marketing?!

​As Azzam describes in his case study, what's interesting is that many of the backlinks pointing to the Power Page shows no relation to investment or Penny Stocks whatsoever.

What this means is that there are huge opportunities to create content outside your niche, especially if you're struggling to build content directly in your niche. 

For example, one of the backlinks to this infographic came from Brian Tracey.

In his article, Brian uses the infographic from Penny Stocks as an example to demonstrate how anyone can use content and social media marketing to their advantage. 

Now does Brian Tracey have anything to do with the investment or online trading niche?

Absolutely not.

But the topic of this infographic was relevant for Brian to use as an example in his post.

The bottom line?

Find topics that influencers care about so they have a reason to share your post or even better, link to, even if those topics are not directly related to your niche.

Find topics that influencers care about even if they're not directly related to your niche.

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2. ​Pest Control: Tips and Secrets from 117 Experts: Insight Pest 

​Niche: They kill bugs. A growing small pest control company with 13 offices across the United States.

Content framework: Expert Roundup.

Backlinks earned to date: 21 referring domains generating 274 backlinks.

Amount of total social shares to date: 953.

Expert roundup power page

I've seen many expert roundups, mainly in the online marketing and business space, but never had I seen one done in the pest control niche until now.

This Power Page is a comprehensive list of pest control tips and tricks from industry experts that gives homeowners actionable advice to reduce or eliminate common pest problems.

What makes this such a great Power Page is the depth it brings to the table.

Insight Pest personally contacted industry insiders they know and trust, which has resulted in 117 actionable tips that homeowners can act on immediately.

One of the scientifically-backed psychological principles that, when embedded in your content, encourage people to share and link to is UTILITY.

When content has a lot of utility embedded into it, it means the content is super actionable and practical for people to take action on. 

In other words, when people read your content, they should  be able to use the information right away.

Insight Pest only contacted experts that are truly renowned and represent many sides of the pest control​ industry.

The tips included cover a wide range of pest control topics such as DIY, entomology, gardening, organic, natural living spectrum​ and wildlife.

Because the Power Page covers a spectrum of topics, it adds an extra layer of value to it because it has the ability to appeal to a variety of influential people from garden to DIY home improvement bloggers.

One of the key features of a Power Page that separates it from a typical blog post is the way it's built, designed and formatted.

To make their tips stand out​, Insight Pest cranked up the User Experience (UX) to make it easy for people to consume and read the tips.

Instead of sifting through thousands of words and hundreds of tips to find what you want, you can simply click to sort tips by topic.

user experience pest control

In addition, they created a color scheme to make it clear to readers if the tips were for indoor, outdoor or both.

user experience on power page

This makes it incredibly easy to quickly to figure out what tips are best for your needs.

Like any good expert roundup, the post featured the name of the industry expert along with their title or position, a picture of the industry expert, links to their site and social media profile and finally their word-for-word response.

tweet tip button example

Insight Pest also included a “Tweet tip” button to go along with every tip, which makes sharing content on social media extremely easy.​

click to tweet

One of the huge benefits of an expert roundup post is the potential to have it shared with audiences larger than your own.

​With 117 experts that have contributed to this post, that's 117 potential new audiences Insight Pest can get in front of. 

For example, one of the tips came from an expert with over 8000 Twitter followers. ​

large Twitter following

This means once a post like this goes live, you should let the experts know because there's a good chance they'll happily share it with their audience.

​After reviewing the link data, I discovered that Insight Pest received a nice contextual backlink from an authority website with a domain authority score of 75.  

backlink from authority website

In fact, NPIC linked to the expert roundup post from their pest control resources page:

backlink on resources page

Getting backlinks from ballers like this is the holy grail when it comes to boosting your organic search traffic. 

And when a page attracts a bunch of high-quality backlinks, the page tends to rank higher in Google.

high google ranking

 Eric Ward says, “useful content gets linked” and “the less useful your content is, the less likely you are to ever receive a link to it”.

You can’t build links unless you have something valuable to link to.

Insight Pest had created an excellent piece of content that was worth linking to.

The bottom line?

If you want other websites to link to you, you have to give them a reason.

If you want other websites to link to you, you have to give them a reason.

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3. ​The 50 Best Healthy Food Blogs For Clean & Lean Eating: Make Your Body Work

​Niche: Health and fitness site with a particular focus on burning fat and getting fit through the power of habit-building.

Content framework: AwardsBait.

Backlinks earned to date: 79 referring domains generating 1407 backlinks.

​Amount of total social shares to date: 916.

Awardsbait post

​As human beings, we love to be recognized for doing something special so the AwardsBait content framework is perfect for stroking the egos of influential people in your niche.

The AwardsBait content framework elicits the share triggers of social currency and positive emotions.

What is social currency?

Think about why we share cool photos, videos and witty jokes on social media?

Because it makes us look good.

This means people tend to share content that makes them appear smart and knowledgeable, that they have a good sense of humour, inform others where they stand on important issues or to shape other people’s impression of themselves to their fans and followers.​

So one of the ways we can encourage people to share our stuff is to feature them in an Awards Bait Power Page.

Wouldn't you feel pretty happy to find out that you were recognized and featured in someone's "Top 100 [Insert Topic] Blogs Of All Time" article and perhaps feel inclined to share it?

I bet you would.​

And so would your influencers which is why this Power Page from Make Your Body Work has been so successful.

With an overabundance of cooking and health food blogs online today, what makes this AwardsBait post perform so well is the specific topic of this post - the benefit that's been promised to the reader.

A stated in the introduction, these are the very best “clean and lean” cooking blogs online, which means only those that are reliably healthy and void of junk got a guernsey. 

If it was something general and broad like "50 healthy eating blog​s" it wouldn't have the same appeal.

By adding a benefit, it adds some spice to what would otherwise be a bland title.

The more legit your AwardsBait page looks, the more likely people will share it, including other influencers that happen to see the post.

So it pays to create a custom logo or banner, which should go below the title of your post.

custom banner for awardsbait post

​Finally, you want to reach out to your winners to let them know they're featured on your list.

You can also send a custom badge to your winners they can put on their site to show off that they won, which will help encourage them to spread the word about your post.

Create content that makes people look good sharing! via shaecbaxter

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4. ​2015 Christmas In Atlanta: Your Definitive Guide To Holiday Happenings Around The City: 365 Atlanta Family

​Niche: Family-friendly travel blog and adventure all around the city of Atlanta.

Content framework: Go-To-Guidebook

Backlinks earned to date: 6 referring domains generating 181 backlinks.

Amount of total social shares to date: 10.5K.

List post Power Page

Founder of 365 Atlanta Lesli Peterson said he created this Go-To-Guidebook based off one of Brian Dean's fantastic posts.

The post had 45K views in 10 days and is now sitting on the top of page 2 for the search term "Christmas Events in Atlanta" (it landed on page 1 in the first week).

page 2 ranking on google

And if all that wasn't enough, Lesli scored an ad.

Because of the post's success, he had someone reach out and ask for an ad placement ... $1K for a 10 day ad. 

Not too shabby?!

So how did he do it?

​He created a Go-To-Guidebook. 

The Go-To-Guidebook is one of the simplest content frameworks you can use.

It's a curated list of links to exceptional content and is strategically designed to maximize backlinks, shares and traffic by turning up the volume on two share triggers:

Utility and social currency.

Look closely at Lesli's Power Page.

He's curated a bunch of links ​to a variety of Atlanta based Christmas events with a brief description of each event.

Looking to get your picture taken with Santa?

No problem. Lesli's Power Page has you covered:​

go to guidebook links

Want to take the kids to see a Christmas show?

links in go to guidebook

The post gives you over 20 shows to choose from.

Apart from choosing the right topic that influencers want to share, the real power of a Go-To-Guidebook ​is in the architecture and design.

For example,  depending on what it is that you're looking to do in Atlanta over Christmas, Lesli designed his Power Page to make it easy for his readers to choose and click on the topics they're interested in.

go to guidebook design

This has resulted in over 181 backlinks so far including a high DA link from the official Georgia Tourism and Travel site.

Overall, Lesli created an exceptional Power Page because it offered an incredibly useful value proposition:

A one-stop shop for all Atlanta-based Christmas events and festivities. ​

You wouldn't really need to refer to anywhere else.​

While Power Pages work great for evergreen content - content that can stand the test of time and generate traffic for years to come, it also works well for non-evergreen content​, like this one too.

If he chooses to, Lesli can update this post for years to come and add more events and festivities (it just so happens that adding fresh content on a single is in itself is a signal to search engines that you’ve updated a page, and quite possibly will continue to update the page, so they’ll visit more often.)

Power Pages work great for evergreen and non-evergreen content alike. via shaecbaxter

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5. ​24 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Eating Healthy Super Easy

​Niche: Early to Rise is about helping you live a richer, fuller life.

Content framework: Curated list of infographics (similar to a Go-To-Guidebook)

Backlinks earned to date: 2 referring domains generating 2 backlinks.

Amount of total social shares to date: 19K.

infographics power page

This one is a bit out of the box but it works. 

It's a collection of 24 infographics on healthy eating from all around the web.

What's interesting is that it shows that you don't always need to create original content to succeed.

Neil Patel says that "what you can’t afford to forget is that writing is only one form of content.​"

These 24 healthy diagrams are not a blog post.

In fact, there's no text at all. But it’s still content and Neil says "content is really anything that you can consume or learn from.​"

Like all great content, these curated infographics solves a problem. It just does it a lot better than wading through thousands of words and text.

There’s a lot of other great content out there on this particular problem but most of it consists of long, drawn out blog posts that make a lot of lofty claims and not necessarily from health food experts.​

This is a quick way to visualize what healthy eating does look like.​

Similar to the Go-To-Guidebook content framework we saw above, you can simply aggregate valuable content that's already available and then promote it.

And with over 19,000 shares, the results speak for themselves. ​

This Power Page has some serious social currency attached to it​, which as you know, is a share trigger. 

People want to share it because it makes them look good! ​

What's also interesting is that these 24 diagrams first went viral on Buzzfeed. ​In fact, it's a Buzzfeed creation.

Buzzfeed diagrams

Buzzfeed total social shares: 1.3M

​Pulptastic also featured it on their site and it also attracted over 1 million shares.

pulptastic site

Pulptastic total social shares: 1.5M

To say this went viral is an understatement. It went viral on over 3 different sites (probably more).

And speaking of aggregate content that went viral, here's another...

25 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Cooking Super Easy:

pulptastic cooking diagrams power page

Pulptastic total social shares: 12.9K

...which first appeared (and went viral) on Lifehacker:

lifehacker power page

Lifehacker total social shares: 36K

So if the sucky excuse of "not enough time" is holding you back from blogging and content marketing, there are no more excuses.

Find the right topic first and curate a list of links or diagrams to exceptional content. 

Aggregate valuable content that's already available online. You don't always need original content to succeed. 

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What Power Page Are You Going To Create?

Power Pages work because they stand out from ordinary blog posts.​..

...and they usually offer much more incredible value to the reader.

As you’ve seen, Power Pages can take many forms. But all these examples have one thing in common:

People love them.

Businesses and brands that create Power Pages understand what it takes to be a brand authority.​

And being an authority means that others will view you as a more prominent source of information than your competitors. 

Finally, formulate a Power Page strategy to share your expertise.

I mentioned at the beginning that there are plenty of smart people that create "great content" everyday that don't get the visibility they deserve.

You need to have the right content and then you need to share it with the right people. 

If you’ve seen any other examples of Power Pages or pieces of epic content you want to share here, leave me a comment below with a link.​

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* Majestic SEO was used to generate backlink data and Buzzsumo for the social shares.

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