Blah-Blah Text: Don’t Welcome Me To Your Website

don't welcome me to your website

Yawn……..  Most people yawn when they see it. Jakob Nielson calls it blah-blah text. That is, a block of words that users skip when they arrive at a page, most typically the homepage. Instead, their eyes go directly to more actionable content, such as product features, bulleted lists or hypertext links.

The worst kind of blah-blah has no function; it’s pure filler — platitudes, such as “Welcome to our site, we hope you will find our new and improved design helpful.”

Seriously, Who Cares? You Don’t Need To Welcome Me For Coming To Your Website.

Listen to Jakob: Kill the welcome mat and cut to the chase. You’re only wasting away precious seconds to convert your visitor into a regular reader (or customer).

Jakob Nielsen knows what he’s talking about. He’s referred to as the King of Usability by Internet Magazine and the Guru of Web Page Usability by The New York Times. He’s a leading web usability consultant, which in simple language means he knows how to make websites easy to use for people.

I said this before but people read very little on web pages. In fact don’t listen to me. I quote from Jakob Nielsen himself:

Don’t waste word count on generic, feel-good material. It’s not going to make customers feel good anyway. They care only about getting their problems solved as quickly as possible so they can leave your site.

Introductory text does have it’s place and it’s easier said than done to ruthlessly edit all pleasantries and niceties. It helps set context for the user and answers the most important question: What’s the page about?

Check out my introductory text. There’s no sign of a welcome mat there. You know you’re all welcome here anytime. 🙂

Sassy Tip:

  • Don’t say ‘Welcome to my website’ or ‘Welcome to…’ Just don’t do it ever! Or I’ll come get you.


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  1. You can always tell a DIY website by the welcome mat out on the home page. Jakob is spot on though, your wasting visitors time AND wasting your opportunities to get actions.

    They’re there, they’ve clicked a link or typed it in – so they’re LOOKING for something, GIVE it to them already!

    • You can certainly can spot out a DIY website. Just such wasted opportunites to use a compelling headline or to use key phrases in H1, H2 tags etc.


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