Kylie Saunder Introvert Spotlight

The Introvert Spotlight – Kylie Saunder

Kylie Saunder is a women on a mission. After many years working in the fitness industry, Kylie now helps businesses write content that connects and engages with their audience. Kylie is passionate about encouraging and helping her clients embrace the content creation process. I first met Kylie about 5 years ago at a networking event hosted […]

The Introvert Spotlight – Jessica Larsen

This gorgeous lady with the bright smile is Jessica Larsen. I met Jessica just a few short months back when she became client of mine through my SEO coaching program. Jess is one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the good fortune to know and to work with. Jess is a creative genius when […]

The Introvert Spotlight – Cat LeBlanc

Today I am delighted to introduce…. The Introvert Spotlight. This is a new weekly feature on my blog that will showcase successful introverted and ambivert entrepreneurs doing what they love best – building a business THEIR WAY and giving you the insights on how they do it. Not only that, these introverts embrace who they […]

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Why You Should NOT Hire Me To Do Your SEO

I have a confession to make. You should not hire me to do your SEO. There are plenty of other people that know a lot more than me. They know a lot more about link building. They know a lot more about the technical stuff. They know a lot more about ecommerce. They know a lot more […]