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Are you ready to get more search engine traffic to your website?

Shae Baxter SEO coach + trainer

Then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m on a crusade to STOP what I’ve termed “mindless blogging” because I know there’s better way to get qualified increased traffic to your site and a better use of your time.

You won’t find the same-old boring BS advice and regurgitated top 10 SEO tips here.

And you’ll never hear me tell you to rush and pump out 3 articles a week just to “get your name out there.”

If you want to create high quality content that’s valuable and leads to more traffic, subscribers and sales…all while helping to build your brand, authority and expertise, then you’re in the right place.

I Can Help You Grow Your Business Using Content-Driven SEO

You care about building your brand and being a thought leader.

And you’re far too creative to be shackled by an editorial calendar (heck I’ve never used one).

Now you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

In 2015 and beyond, producing high quality content has never been more important.

I believe for entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd, they MUST produce outstanding, exceptional content…

…and stop regurgitating the same commodity, mindless, mediocre content that blends in with the masses (including your competition).

You need to be more innovative and creative than ever before.

SEO training with Shae Baxter

The truth is the most valuable links and shares will be earned due to deserving content. If your site doesn’t have it, then it won’t rank. It’s as simple as that.

The ultimate success of your site depends on the value and usefulness of the content you deliver.

And you have to create content that’s worth linking to.

Entrepreneurs need to stop thinking of SEO as only about traffic and rankings and instead think about:

How to deliver the best value to your web visitors

Rankings and traffic are the result of having good content in the first place but SEO should not be seen solely about chasing rank. Frankly, I don’t work with people that have this mindset.

That’s not what SEO is about.

SEO is about the user experience and engagement.

It’s about going over and above to write the best damn content you possibly can that’s actionable and useful.

I’ll help you create a funnel that sends you more search engine and referral traffic

I can help you create a funnel that sends you more search engine and referral traffic by creating high quality, proven topic content that drives more traffic.

On this blog, you will only ever read super practical and actionable content to help you get more search engine traffic.

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A little bit more about me…

Notting Hill is my all time favourite movie but I usually prefer a scary movie to a chick flick. Superman was my hero and I thought Lois Lane and Clark Kent epitomised true love. I’m a child of the 80’s and Belinda Carlisle was and still is my favourite rock singer. Liverpool is my favourite city in the world and I have a penchant for all things English including a nice cup of tea and cake. Chocolate and (red) wine go hand in hand like peas and carrots. Oh and I have a piece of chocolate just everyday. Heaven really is a place on earth. 🙂

About Shae Baxter

Shae Baxter

Shae Baxter provides entrepreneurs and bloggers with practical proven strategies to generate more search engine traffic so they can grow their business and to make it easier for clients, customers and fans to discover their work.

She graduated with a business degree from Monash University and then commenced a career working in various roles in not-for-profit, corporate, marketing, recruitment and disability services, both here in Australia and overseas.

Shae has a post-graduate certificate in Digital Marketing from the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA).

Her tips on SEO, marketing and customer-attraction have been featured in publications like Marketing Land, BRW, Long Tail Pro, The Publicity Hound,  She Owns It, Tad Hargrave’s Niching Spiral, Simply Social Media, the Unemployable Woman and Small Business Victoria.

She’s also been an official supplier of keyword reports for Elto (now Pro Marketplace by GoDaddy), a leading online directory of web & social media experts, where her insights were shared with thousands of directory users.

Since May of 2014, Shae has built a growing marketing business while travelling locally and internationally to attend events and conferences including Search Love, Problogger, The Blogcademy and Alexandra Franzen’s Write Yourself Into Motion workshop.

She currently lives in Gippsland, Australia.

Don’t hesitate to contact Shae using her contact page.