21 Things You Didn’t Know About Shae

I’m changing things up this week. I want to give the SEO tips a rest at least for a week or so. 🙂

When I read blogs I’m genuinely interested in the personality behind the brand. I love to understand people’s ‘WHY’ and what makes them tick. You know, the little intricacies and facts that define who people really are.

This week I’m going to be completely transparent with you about who I am and why I do what I do.

So I’m excited to share with you 21 things you didn’t know about me (well, I think you didn’t know about me. Yeah some are on my About page).

Here goes:

1. My first name is short. My middle name is much longer. It’s Cassandra.

2. I was almost called Jade.

3. I was born 2 weeks premature and was pulled out by forceps. I still have the scars to prove it. (Only joking).

4. I’m a chocoholic. Love, love, love chocolate. I’ve tried to quit but well um I’m addicted. Why quit a good thing right?

Shae singing it out to Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Shae singing it out to Heaven Is A Place On Earth

5. I hate chic flicks. Well most of them. I do enjoy some but give me a good thriller over a whiny Cameron Diaz any day.

6. I’m a thief. I stole something once. I was in a gardening phase at about the age of 10 and I stole some seeds from the local nursery. I hid them on top of my wardrobe so no one would find them. But I needn’t had bothered. I returned them a few days later because I felt incredibly guilty.

7. I borrowed a Mills and Boon book from the high school library once. One day my mum found it and she rang the school library to complain. The school then removed every Mills and Boon book from the school library catalogue. Thanks mum!

8.  I grew up painfully shy and introverted. I’m not as shy now but I embrace being an introvert. Introverts rule!

9. My grandfather was a stowaway from Liverpool, England. After 10 visits to Liverpool, I think it’s become my favourite UK city. Go the Reds! (Oh, did I mention I’ve seen the Reds play at Anfield?)

10. I crossed the road at the Arc De Triomphe. Scariest moment of my life. I later found out there was an underground walkway.

11. At 23 I travelled the world for the first time. UK, Europe, Russia, Africa and Egypt in 6 months. Travel is worth way more than any uni degree and I’ve done both.

12. 18 months later I quit my job and got the ancestry visa to work in the UK. I lived in London and Scotland. I also watched Eurovision in Iceland and had NYE in New York. Yeah baby!

13. My goal is to become location independent and it’s a big reason why I started my online business. I value my freedom over almost anything.

14. I enjoy going to to the cinema in the middle of the day. There’s a certain tranquility about it – doing something when others can’t – like going for a run when people are going to work. Oh and I love watching independent foreign films. I want to see more.

15. I grew up playing tennis and considered a professional tennis career. It never quite worked out that way.

I'm the one with the mullet. Ewww
I’m the one with the mullet. Ewww

16. I love photography and I’m going to get into black and white natural light HDR photography in a big way soon.

17. I don’t fit in today’s modern culture. I sometimes think I was born before my time. I hate reality TV and prefer to watch a British drama or thriller on the ABC or listen to Pachelbel.

18. I never thought I would become an entrepreneur. Now I realise it’s my calling. I could never go back to being micromanaged in a day job. It’s my definition of pure hell.

19. I started a personal blog almost 4 years ago because I felt misunderstood. After having no direction in my 20’s, I knew then a career in the online world was for me.

20. I’ve been canyoning and rafting in Austria, canoeing in Canada, went on a microflight over Victoria Falls, ran a marathon in Liverpool and did the 100km Oxfam walk in Melbourne. I kinda like the outdoors (and travelling.) But I went sky diving over power stations in The Latrobe Valley 🙂

21. My favourite singer is Belinda Carlisle and I’ve seen her live 3 times. I used to get picked on about this. I still do. Everyone was into Madonna or Kylie but I was different. I’ve never been a populist…


Can you pick me?
Can you pick me?

….And that’s a big part of who I am.

That’s it. I could go on but it was time to stop.

So whaddya think? Let me know 1 (or 2) things that not many people know about YOU in the comments below.

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  1. LOL, Shae! How ever did you manage to survive your Arc De Triomphe moment? I’ve been there, would not have tackled that 🙂

    A couple of random facts about me:
    I was almost called Thalia Lee and would have been Tully Tramaine if I was a boy.
    I held the under 13yrs 50m backstroke record at my local pool for seven years despite plenty of swimming club chicks trying to beat it. Only record I’ve created, yet to let the moment go haha.

    • I don’t know how I survived it now Carly but I did. It was scary but I felt like a fool afterwards.

      Kudos on the swimming record. And I much prefer your current name 😉

  2. Linda Edgerton

    Great list Shae (I too once had a multi-coloured mullet – or ‘dolly cut’). Also loving your SEO posts.
    1. On the last day of my 20s I did a sightseeing flight over Antarctica.
    2. At 40 I auditioned to be a dancer in a Melbourne Commonwealth Games ceremony. I ended up one of the Dame Ednas in the Closing ceremony dancing under 10,000 fireworks.


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