10 Example Headline Formulas That Go Viral

headline formulas that go viral

Right now blogger extraordinaire Chris Garrett is saying “Content is the currency of social media.”

Well content is the currency of any online media, especially blogs and websites.

Earlier I wrote about the importance of making your first sentence a short one to get people to start reading your content.

However before anyone will read your first sentence, you need a headline that will compel the reader to want to start reading your web content and copy in the first place.

10 Compelling Headline Formulas That Work

To get you started creating compelling headlines, use the following “fill in the blanks” headline formulas:

1.            Do You Make These ________ Mistakes?

2.            The Secrets of ___________

3.            What ______ Can Teach Us About ________

4.            Everything You Know About _____ Is Wrong.

5.            How _______ Made _____ and You Can Too!

6.            If You ________, You Can ___________

7.            Finally, No More _______

8.           At Last! _________

9.            Learn How Millions of ______ ________

10.          How to Get More/Better/Cheaper _______

If you like these headline ideas, make sure you download the free PDF 102 Proven Headline Formulas now. Chris Garrett has developed a fantastic guide to help you with the dreaded “blank screen of doom.”

These tried and tested headline formulas can be used on your website, blog or sales page right now.

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Enjoy! 🙂

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